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Any Internet user is faced with the same dailym view content like banners and all sorts of advertising links. Many it seems harmful or intrusive, but in the meantime, behind it is quite interesting final content. In fact, advertising banner or advertising link in any search engine guide the user to the final page of advertising. In the field of web advertising and programming such countriesICA is called a landing page or landing page. As already mentioned above, landing page has a distinct character of advertising, content and semantic load is aimed at a slightly different result than simply advertising something. The main purpose of creation and existence landing page lies in its title (landing can be translatedas a "target" or "sell"): content landing page aims to create a target audience or potential customers. At the same time, it is the content of the page (meaning, as a direct part of the information, and design) plays a key role in the establishment of a trust interest among the visitors, so all the information dolzhna be well thought out, both in terms of content and method of its submission. Nothing should distract visitors. By the way, you can order high-quality on ARTlanding.

The content landing page can be divided into three main groups:

  • Autonomous page - thisthe most popular format because it has minimal design, with an emphasis on the implementation of the purchase at any given moment;
  • mini site - a combination of a few pages, used usually for advertising of individual projects;
  • main site - the least effective method, thatto target as a separate page of the main site, it goes without distracting from the main goal.

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