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Juicy Couture - the famous clothing brand "born" from the United Statess America. The list of products including garments (women's, children's, men's) and accessories. A special place in this list are women tracksuits velor. In fact, they are the hallmark of the brand. The popularity of the brand, can be measured by its market value, which is only for the stated evaluation becomes more$ 50 million. According to the founders of the company, its motto or slogan is to "easy, pleasant and playful flirting." All the costumes were created by Juicy Couture girls for girls, therefore, solutions ideally combines all the requirements, habits, emotions, lifestyle and so on. By the way, if you are thinking - a city where nahoditsya many boutiques offering this brand. A distinctive feature of any suit Juicy Couture is its rich colors, which affects not only their colors, but shades. In fact, even with the existence of a nominally costume, you can easily combine colors, creating a unique image. Knowingas any girl worried about her figure, because the cut of suits occurs in such a way as to best take into account all the advantages of your figure and hide flaws. In Juicy Couture is no place for a close and narrow products - everything should be free and easy. This is facilitated by velor fabric used in production. In addition to the richcolors, widely used embroidery, rhinestones and other decorative elements. Velour Juicy Couture, perfect for active sports, as well as for everyday wear.

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