Chinese phones Donod d908 functional and inexpensive


Donod d908 – phone two sim cards with analog TV function. This is a great device, made by Chinese design line phone company Nokia. But there is one significant advantage. It lies in its low price, despite that the device is working at the highest level and has excellent functionality. The device is equipped with a largestucco touchscreen of 2.6 inches display with a resolution of 240x320 pixels. The device is equipped with a straight 2 memory cards, has a built-in camera.

Benefits of Chinese phones Donod D908

The advantage of all models Donod, in hoursIsla and this model is the loud speaker. He certainly did not impress those who love to listen to music without headphones. These are equipped with a durable housing that can compete even with cases of Chinese original Nokia phones. Even if the unit falls, it does not break and not even scratch. Support Functionof two SIM cards in operation like those who make many calls to various telecom operators. Chinese Mobile Phone different functional completeness and high quality. In addition to the basic functions of it, of course, there are additional. Organizer, which, inter alia, include telephone booksand 250 pins. Donod d908 has two slots for memory cards for 8 GB of data each. The device has the ability to control not only the usual buttons on the keyboard, but with a touch screen.

Multimedia Functions

Music lovers, in addition to high-profile speakers will appreciate the presence in the Chinese phones MP3 players. It is possible to access the Internet: WAP, GPRS. Using this model, one can easily watch your favorite movies in the format MP4 / 3GP, as well as view pictures jpg, gif and bmp. The device is equipped with FM-radio, which will inany situation to remain on your favorite wave. The device has a TV tuner, so allowing you to watch your favorite programs in real time. The Bluetooth function allows you to share files with other devices. Language Russian Chinese phone, supports and other language formats.

Bolshinstof users also noted that in addition to the highest quality at the lowest price Chinese phones Donod d908 is convenient because it is fully compatible with accessories from the original Nokia. You can easily use the charger and the battery from this manufacturerI.

Telephone – the right decision and bargain at an affordable price and sudobnoy delivery.

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