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What should I do to iOS 7 helps save battery power


Most of the users whohurry to install on their gadgets new operating system iOS 7, immediately noticed that after upgrading to charge the battery began to fall before our eyes. And what can we do? The system in its own good, and change it - well, do not want to. There is a legitimate question: is it possible to make your iPad or iPhone can work lasts moreFlax time, without the need for additional recharging?

Always looking variety, we were able to find some useful tips. Their implementation will help devices running on iOS 7, a longer time without recharging. These simple recommendations, which carry the power of each, we offerm your attention.

So, the basic concept is to be applied gadget owners who want to save battery power is turned off in a timely « unnecessary » functions. We list these functions in detail.

Do not operate without the need for function « parallax »

No doubt, the function of the parallax capable of greatly transform visualization interface and operating system. But there are times when more preferably to save battery power. If it is typical for you, then you can disable this option in the basic settings (« Reducing traffic »).

So whether you need a dynamic wallpaper?

The same. Inimitable visual effects can be infinitely pleasing to the eye. But how detrimental it is reflected in charging the battery ?! Making a choice in favor of a still image, you contribute to a more efficient battery lifeex. To disable this option, use all the same « Settings & raquo ;. In the selection of wallpaper using the items « pictures ».

Updating the application in the background – discreet « drop & raquo ;, which wears away the stone

Anyone familiar settings nersonalnogo that let in the background to update the installed software. Similarly, the (default) is set and the operating system   iOS 7. As a consequence, – increases the load on the processor and RAM. Need this option or not – This, of course, you decide. But if there is reqsary to disable it, use the main menu (item « Updating content »).

Location Services may be totally useless

Of course, there are applications that involve the mandatory use of geolocation services.But why do not you, such as geolocation Facebook? Turn it off and save battery power. Go to « Settings & raquo ;, looking item « Privacy & raquo ;, and your eyes will rush para « Geolocation ».

to disable automatic update application

The automatic update of installed applications seamlessly makes « melt » battery life. From time to time it can be turned using the functions of iTunes and the App Store in the settings menu.

What you once more to learn about what you already know that e?

In the iOS platform 7 has a feature that allows the device to Apple memorize those places where the owner is more often. This option is directly related to geolocation services. Disabling functions provided will save a certain percentage of charge. In order to do this, find the « Location Servicesand » item « System Services & raquo ;. Here we are interested in « haunted places ».

The screen brightness is capable of « do wonders »

A little turning the brightness of the screen, you can save the lion's share of the battery charge. Cuttablein this figure is only 25%, you will achieve excellent results.

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