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Synonyms - words similar in meaning. There are those among the adverbs: easy, difficult; gently, tenderly; intently vnimateflax.
Among the dialects the words opposite in meaning, it is - antonyms: sad - fun, cold - hot.

There are many countries in the world,
They - lakes, rivers and valleys ...
There are countries large and small,
And the best - my motherland!


Find the text of AntonClamps.
Read the text. Write out from it adverbs and pick them antonyms and synonyms. If in any difficulty, talk to.

My village

Morning quietly visited the village. Awakened the sun rays and disconnect - door key of a new day.
The first congratulated the guests Cockerel - trumpeter. He joyfully sang atfriction song. All living things opened his eyes. Everyone started. Important was the name of the owner of the yard - a turkey in a white shirt with a red bow. Released caring mother hen with chicks. They, like dandelions, planted courtyard. Mom - duck pond slowly brought to their ducklings. Yellowish balls poskochuvalisya quickly in clear water. It seemed that an invisible artistnik- landscape drenched in a pond brush with yellow paint. Heard the lowing of cows. Their herd entered the succulent herbs.
In the garden orange pumpkin dreams tell their watermelons in a striped shirt. Boasts a number of red-tomato: « He loves me more than all the sun » A white petals with buckwheat mysterious whisperbees - hard worker.
Day marches stately gait fabulous street of the village, endless groves, wide brim. Shyly smiles on vacation does not stop. A lot remains to be done before the meeting with his brother in the evening.

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