Basic functions of windows and their design


Everything in this world is subject to certain laws of structureand functioning, even such absolutely "not natural" creations, such as buildings. For example, any building or separate room almost without fail has elements such as floors, walls, ceilings, doors, and, of course, windows. As part of the premises, any window performs three basic functions:

  • organizationtion of natural lighting;
  • organize periodic ventilation;
  • Organization barrier of outer space.

In addition to all these extremely important and useful features, the window has one significant drawback: in the corrAbajo entire room - this is the largest source of heat loss. In the current situation, when being a constant struggle for power saving, this fact looks quite unacceptable. Therefore, almost all modern windows default run. Modern window structurally consists of the following components:

  • Window block or frame . The analogue of the traditional wooden window frames made, however, PVC profile. The peculiarity of it is reinforcing metal belt (actually, hence the name – “ metalloplastikovye ”), and chamber design with an air layer for better thermal insulation. By the way,which are by far the most affordable - are the most popular;
  • Double glazing - a multi-layer glass chamber structure consisting of several (depending on the number of airbags) sheets of glass. Chamber or air-gas layer between the panes, are dueinstalled between the sheets of glass spacer bar, treated along the contour sealants;
  • Accessories (window handles, hinges, fasteners).

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