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autonomous sewer system - thispart of the drainage system and water supply, which by its functionality is used to remove liquid and solid waste in order to purify sewage. Autonomous sewerage is a major purchase, so in order to choose the right treatment facility was initially better to spend a little time. In this article you will learn the basic AB-contained sewage and see what they have pros and cons. Once you learn the information provided herein, you will be able to understand what kind of system for autonomous sewer cottages for you.

When you have a question: which way drainage and sewage treatment better to choose ?,often, people start looking at what engineering network is right for them. During the search they look at the following characteristics: efficiency, autonomy, and the price is very important and sanitation. Also on the internet you will be able to learn and sorentirovatsya prices.

Who is the most popular among notribiteley are biological treatment systems and septic tanks made of reinforced fiberglass and PVC. Often act as a septic tank installed in the courtyard of concrete rings. Also worth noting is that the seams on the rings fairly quickly begin to take place, and the cost of delivery, installation and load these rings are generally the same as the cost of installationa septic tank made out of fiberglass.

Let's look at what are the advantages and disadvantages are razne sistem autonomous sewer.

Storage tank

Its main advantage - is that it is not necessary for the power supply, it only needs cleaning and it has a low price in comparisonpared to other systems of identical volume. Its main drawback is the constant need for regular cleaning and also a large amount of it is needed and a lot of space, which greatly increases its cost.

Septic field with filtering

The advantage of this septic tank is that it takes a littleplace and does not need a power, it has the perfect price / quality ratio. He has only one drawback - you can not use a septic tank in the marshy soils and moisture-proof.

Septic with biofilter

It is different from the septic tank to the field of filtration only by the fact that one can use itzovat in marshy ground, but unfortunately, he has a lot more drawbacks. So to work with the biofilter septic tank pumping station may need, in addition, only a few of those systems that are sold in the Russian market are effective and not all systems provide the ability to use cleaning products as fertilizers.

A system with forced aeration

This system is a very good option due to better cleaning results, as well as to install it need little space. True its flaws   can block the few advantages. Such a system needs regular maintenance, powered by the mains,affects the quality of the purification from entering the drains of detergents and fat. And most importantly - the installation of the   autonomous sewer system is the most expensive.

So take your pick: a variant of a water purification system in a country house is right for you.

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