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Sometimes you want to dream under the summer stars. It seems that with theect only to lend a hand and with the starry sky will be able to dial a handful of bright sequins. Feel tiny and powerful, and at the same time, helpless and all-powerful. But, in fact, you are quite capable of another miracle - to give the family and yourself starry sky: you'll enjoy the them even when outside torrents of rain and gray clouds have itwill delight in a warm cozy room.

get a star from the sky? This task is not difficult, although at first glance you can that this is unrealistic. Now a lot of companies offer the manufacture and installation of suspended potolkok the type of "starry sky", thus creating a romantic and comfortable interior for your dohm.

There are several ways to form the ceiling with the effect of the sky, which differ both technically and visually.

remain unchanged only the components of the system:

  • mounting profile;
  • PVC fabric;        
  • light engine;
  • fiber optic light.

Depending on what kind of visual effect you want - for this system are used as glossy and textured film. Electricity is converted into light with a light generators. They arelamp and LED, have different properties and characteristics are different capacity, cost, the need for cooling, etc. Light generator is selected depending on the effect you want.

Optical fiber is different: the diameter, the structure and function (under the crystal lenses or for small "stars"). As light scatteringers often use the popular Swarovski crystals - thanks to a variety of cutting they provide unrivaled game rays. The presence of scatterers is not a prerequisite for creating a good ceiling by type Starry Sky. It is possible to form and on a different principle, however, it will be less beautiful.

1st way: ByGDS PVC film remains coherent.

So in the installation process is primarily mounted false ceiling, on which are distributed and fixed fiber. The end of the fiber output to the level of the plane of the base web - under these conditions the projection of light on film PVC create "stars". However, remember that eIf you turn off the light-generators - your starry sky turns into an ordinary French tension.

2nd way: When Swarovski crystals are used as lenses.

complex and expensive method in which the optical fiber is shown on the film plane and equip scattering crystal. When thism for each of the lens adjusts its special rack, and the film, in turn, ukreplyaetsyav a certain way in the places of withdrawal spotlights. All this means that the ceiling is formed remarkable constellation and get a unique light pattern. And if the walls of the room are covered with decorative plaster Venetian type, the luchi "stars" will be played on the finishing wall.

third way: Meteor rain or cosmic nebula.

Star Nebula zdezdopad or you can create a room with enough high ceilings. For this you need a transparent fiber without windings that output through the web through PVC film with itm each point light source is placed at an arbitrary distance from the ceiling plane, and, moreover, in a chaotic manner. If you turn off the light engine - creating the illusion of surround star cluster.

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