Wedding paraphernalia and accessories


The choice of wedding accessories is a time consuming task, catond takes a lot of time, and very often the newlyweds have a problem when they are selected, because not is not always possible to find everything in one accessories and color and style.

wedding accessories can be: wedding glasses, candle for the family hearth, ring pillows, candles for bridesmaids, candlesparents, wedding candles, basket wheat basket of coins, rose petals and chocolates box for envelopes and money bags, a book for the wishes, champagne, invitations, boutonnieres, etc. When creating wedding accessories should be used only high-quality materials such as: good organza, satin, chiffon, tulle, ribbons amLasne, satin ribbon bilateral, accessories, artificial flowers, Italian and French lace.

In the case where the couple have already bought some of the accessories - preferably all other accessories to pick up in the same style. In such cases, you will come to the aid of the internet shop "Dream Wedding" (), whereyou can pick up you liked the wedding accessories or custom-made ones that you need.

Home wedding paraphernalia

1. Wedding rings

The main attributes of the wedding, of course, are the wedding rings - mostly gold.

2. The car and its decoration

It does not matter what kind of car you choose: be it a limousine, or something simpler, the most important thing - it's tasteful and well decorate it. So dressed doll that was believed to ward off evil spirits from the newlyweds have to be installed on the hood of the car.

3. Birthday cake

No wedding can do without wedding cake (cows), which is a symbol of the family. So, as usual, the first piece cut off his newly-married couple, and they put the brush right hands on each other.

4. Glasses

For the wedding you need to prepare two sets of glasses. 1st need toRegistry office: a couple of drink champagne immediately after rozpisii and smash glasses happiness. 2nd — is the main attribute of serving wedding table. These glasses should be stored throughout life.

5. Bridal bouquet

The choice of the bride's bouquet, often working buddies. Here Isthe main thing is that he should be in harmony with the bride and her dress. Most often, this white flowers. Very often the bridal bouquet bought in specialized online stores where you can make and deliver the best bouquet of your choice.

6. Boutonniere for the groom and witness

boutonniere for use indyeing groom's suit, she, in turn, should be in harmony with the dress of the bride and the bride's bouquet. In addition boutonniere should also be a witness, and should harmonize with a bouquet or a dress witness.

7. Garter Bride

Garter is an essential accessory for the bride. In the old days shespolzovat support stockings on her feet, and now it is a symbol of mystery and romance of the bride. To date, there is a huge selection of garters: embroidered with lace, with precious stones, etc. As a rule, it is worn on the right leg just above the knee. There is a belief that the garter — this amulet for a married couple.

8. Wedding Photography

Remember that wedding photography is a memory for the rest of your life. And that does not spoil you need to seriously consider the choice of a professional photographer.

9. Book wishes

This book also guarantee you a pleasant PLAYBACKmemories from a lifetime — it your friends and relatives will write you my parting words and wishes. There is even a tradition at every wedding anniversary wishes to re-read the book.

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