What is DLE (DataLife Engine)?

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Many of us met on the Internet three English letterss "DLE". Many people ask the question? Maybe it's some kind of top-secret code name for the development of some intelligence agency or a well-known brand? Neither one nor the other.

DLE aka DataLife Engine - is a template, in fact, is the prototype of the future Internet project, which can be used immediately after purchase and installation server. In a general sense, DLE - template design is a set of design elements the client part of the website.
Any DLE - a pattern that is offered to your attention contains all the standard function blocks and provided elements. For example: a survey unit, unit calendar, site search and other.

To install the template on the serveryou can simply copy all the necessary files to the server template, and install the template as the default. Copy the template to the server can be performed using any FTP-clients. Installing the template as the default operating from admin panel CMS DataLife Engine.

In the end konchno your order Gotoframeworks are to implement a web project, all of this can greatly save your time to order and develop a website from scratch.

What types are templates for CMS DLE?

templates for DLE can be distributed according to the criteria of horizontal width and the number of vertical columns.

On the criterion of the mountainsizontalnoy width are the following types of templates:

  • Fixed width of 800 pixels horizontally (actually 766 pix.);
  • Fixed width 1024 pixels horizontally (actually 990 pix.);
  • Scalable (not fixed) - 100% Horizontally.

On the criterion of the number of speakers are the following types of templates:

  • Two columns (left column with the service unit + column content or content column + right column service - blocks);
  • Three speakers (left columnservice unit + + right column content with service units);
  • Mixed type (location service units on a site is not clearly defined).

Opportunities engine DataLife Engine:

  • supports an extended database MySQL;
  • Bolshaya security concept;
  • The small load to the database (up to 5 requests);
  • The application of modern technology AJAX, dramatically reduces the load on the server, and compress traffic;
  • The current system of governance advertising information;
  • It is possible to create both static and dynamic content;
  • Manual and automatic generation of meta tags;
  • Easy operation patterns;
  • Availability of mail templates that are based during limitedI generation and sending of messages from the website;
  • It is possible transient block access to the website;
  • Conclusion of news, notes, and generally anything;
  • Support NC (URL human-readable), thereby indexing website at poisKovic is preferable (required modrewrite);
  • It is possible to activate / deactivate NC;
  • Available statistics flash;
  • Supports additional fields (possible publication on the site and complete a brief news, extended featureszhnosti create different amounts of different types of additional fields to enter information);
  • It is possible to write notes;
  • There is the possibility of using nested categories;
  • There is a flood control;
  • There are automatic filter text in the comments;
  • Supports category and subcategory;
  • There is an automatic trimming of long texts in kommetah;
  • There is a rating of the news;
  • There is a calendar;
  • There is a search for notes, additional fields (backlit found words);
  • There is an overview of unread news;
  • The ability to add notes to the "Favorites";
  • Forwarding messages to users through the oddsmu online;
  • Output pages using gzip compression and without it;
  • Support for personal messages between users of the website;
  • Support for many languages;
  • Conclusion popular notes in a separate block;
  • Creating a vote on the website;
  • Creating statistical pages through adminpanel.

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