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If to consider from the protective qualities, the steel door will be of course better than wood. However, oak door, if the manufacturer so much as try, can also provide thieves a lot of trouble and worries.

Metal door has a 2-WA steel sheet (sometimes 3-ri): back, front and inner (for greater protection). The sheet that is on the outside (front) has to beat solid. When the presence of seams on it, they may diverge in the case of application of a couple of strong blows with a hammer. After that the door can be quite easily dismantled with a crowbar. Although it is not very important, because noise in the high-rise buildings is clearly heard, however to take care of oneself should be.

entrance doors For all sheets must be of a certain thickness. This directly affects their strength. The thickness of the sheet steel shall be not less than 1.5 mm. thick and strong But the front door (3-4 mm) is not worth taking, as it will be very difficult. And the result in children and the elderly will be difficult to close and open. True cottages or country homes where the owners are not over a sufficiently long time, such doors are installed quite often. It should also be remembered that regular curtains do not get. are held by means of levers. They are much more expensive, however the high price is justified.



Quite an important element in a metal door are boning. If steel sheet is hot-rolled not, then it is very flexible. It can easily take a bend because it has no rigidity. It is ribs betray the door strength and elasticity. They are made of lower quality material (and often better) than the blade itself. All metal door has at least 2 Islands and 2 horizontal-wah vertical stiffeners. They are made in the form of Russian letter P or Z. English


the functions of the ribs:

  • in a metal door stiffeners are needed to secure the castle because for the latter the base. Often install additional stiffeners, because during the installation of the castle, they are cut, in consequence of which, their properties are lost;
  • they give rigidity and elasticity to the fabric without increasing the weight of the door itself. In the box creates a void that is filled specials. materials to give the door some desired properties. So, if the doors were made of solid metal for the entire thickness, then we would have won in strength, but would have lost the excessive weight, as well as sound and heat insulation
  • they create a certain thickness of the door. This, in turn, gives the possibility to calculate its size relative to the lockable lock. Here, everything is in proportion: the door will be the thicker, the longer the key lock (and Vice versa). How castle quality depends on the size of its hidden secrets. It also has an impact on the value.

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