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Almost every woman loves to update your wardrobe, especially when it comes to branded clothes. To solve this problem Exactly to help trendy shops with clothing from famous world leaders. By the way, if you don't know , then read up on how to do this please visit:

Modern Mada constantly dictates new rules in the selection of clothing for women. It makes even more attentive to appearance and quality of your own wardrobe. Rivne boutiques are passionate about helping women in choosing the best brand clothes for any event.


clothing Boutiques in Rivne

  1. Branded shops "Lubava" and "LP Fashion" offer you a wide selection of women's clothing from Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, Turkey. In the boutique "Lyubava" is a section of brand clothes Guitar Dodona, where youth, festive, classic and glamorous clothes, as well as a variety of accessories and decorations
  2. Boutique "LP Fashion" offers a wide selection of fur garments: coats, boleros, coats, polochanka, capes, vests and many other beautiful things. Possible sewing under an individual order;
  3. In TC "Zlata Plaza" You can find quality and exclusive clothing from well-known manufacturers. There is a wide range of women's, children's, men's clothing and various accessories, cosmetics and perfumery;
  4. Store "MANGO shop" offers Spanish women branded clothes, dresses, trendy collection of women's clothing. And for regular customers the store has SMS-sending information about the update of production;
  5. Also works in Exactly the online store for delivery of brand clothes Here you can order high-quality clothing, accessories and shoes from famous brands such as D G, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Coach, GUESS, Ralph Lauren, etc.
  6. a fashion clothing store "Italianotop" represented by the collection of women's clothing brands such as: Rossodisera, Northland, Cannella, Rinascimento, Maidoma, Denny Rose
  7. women's clothing Department "Miya-Miya" presents a wide range of women's clothing from Italy and Turkey. Here you can find a high-quality and beautiful things from Stradivarius, Blanko, Bershka.

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