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On vehicles own life

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Libya ransompaid foreign cars

In Ukraine returned 19 sailors from the ship Etel, captured by the Libyan armed pirates. Most interestingly, « ordered » Ukrainians 25 local businessmen who demanded a ransom for hostages ....
It's pretty dark story. According to some reports, such originalway to Libyan businessmen allegedly decided to force the owner to repay the debt of another Ukrainian vessel, shall deliver to Libya already paid them a solid batch of Kia and Hyundai, which later for various reasons have not arrived at the destination port.
free the victim Ukrainian sailors only after as cargo ship Sea Amazon (pictured) delivered to the port of Benghazi, about 560 cars, although initially Libyan businessmen demanded 650. Maybe make a deal ...

Belarus: monsters are

Coal cut « Chernigovets » Kuzbass (Russia) will soon be « ironing » super truck BelAZ-75710, capable of carrying up to 450 tons of rock! Height brainchild Belarusian Autoworks made on special order Kemerovo miners is 8.2 m (about the height of a standard three-storey house!), Width — about 10 m, length — more than 20. The diameter of the wheels giant — 4 m. Finally, the curb weight of BelarusWho monster car is 360 tons. That is, together with the maximum load of the weight will reach 810 tons! Speed ??is also a decent — 60 km / h. Managing a large object, the driver is in complete.

Finland. save

According to the results of the study in 2012, the number of fanspublic transport in the Helsinki region increased by 43%. Thus, the growth of its popularity for the first time in 50 years ahead of increasing demand for private cars. To get to the destination bus and tram prefer more Finns of all ages and gender. And only those who are older than 65, most often use their cars.

United Kingdom

Sell room per million? No, too little!
British millionaire Arab origin, the owner of the tuning company Khan Design Afzal Khan turned down an offer to sell the license plate F1, which in turn is decorated with standing in his garagee Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, etc. He promised a million (the same six Bugatti Veyron in the UK market)! Afzal Khan said that the number is much higher. However, exactly how much it costs, did not elaborate. Meanwhile, a businessman in 2008, bought the exclusive room « all » per million. Previously, he was standing on the Volvo S80 head of one of the municipalitiesAlitet Essex County, which put F1 on a charity auction.

China: car not to blame

In the Chinese city of Chongqing jealous wife after learning that her husband changes, got into her car and drove Porsche Cayenne exactly « aft » it's new Maserati Quattroporte. Alas, now she will have to fork out for repairs of vehicles and to pay a fine for the creation of an emergency.

USA: how kittens paralyzed New York subway

In Brooklyn, one of the boroughs of New York, because of two kittens, it is unknown how caught on the rails, on thehour and a half was suspended traffic on two subway lines — B and Q. According to eyewitnesses, the animals ran in the ways of at least 8 hours, so the police was not difficult to lure hungry kids tasty food.
Rescued kittens fed, put in a box and sent to a shelter for homeless animals.
However, survivethey are there for long. Thousands of Americans have already expressed their desire to shelter renowned for violators of public order.

In the center is not priparkueshsya

On the central streets of Baku, as well as around the Government House, and in some other prime locations of the Azerbaijani capital park matires now forbidden. This measure has been taken to combat congestion and for the safety of pedestrians.

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