Which box is better: wood or plastic?


At the market windows for a long time it wasPlastic windows occupy the leading position. Have you ever wondered why that is? Being durable and comfortable, plastic windows very successfully replace old wood, and thanks to a sealed glazed windows provided excellent sound and heat insulation. So the frame made of plastic are distinguished by their hygienic and aestheticallyStu, they are easy to wash, they open in 2 directions, thus can provide ventilation without fortochok.

Comparison of wooden and plastic windows


Wood for their owners can pripodnesti more surprises than plastic. When their color - light, itand may darken the sun. When you accidentally scratch the window, remove these scratches will not work. In addition, they are highly susceptible to combustion.
In plastic windows (this applies to low-quality producers) may later turn yellow profile. In that case, if the window is not properly reinforced with - a window frame can deformirovatXia. When there are scratches on the plastic, they can be removed.


The windows of plastic does not leak air, which is why you need to ventilate the room by opening a window or by placing a window on micro-ventilation, otherwise in a hot room will be caughtvatsya air.

Throughout say that wooden windows breathe because wood is a natural material, but here it is necessary to take into account the fact that in modern wooden windows (eurowindows) is the feature - they are very different process chemicals that make it impossible to lose color, make bugs, St.yatstvuyuschimi rotting wood, and others. These substances do not allow air to penetrate the wood, so modern euro windows let in the hour about 3 liters of air per hour and the man needed 85 liters of air.


windows can be laminated in more than 40 colors, in addition toof color can be applied as from 1 st and 2 sides, color can be made "under the tree", the window can be made beveled and arched, as well as a very small radius.

From tree, you too can make any design window, right arch has restrictions on the minimum radius. You also can not make a woodenwindows of the same color from the street and the other inside the building.

quality metal plastic windows on a lot more convenient than wooden, because the frame is made of plastic for years as capable not lose its shape and form, do not change color, do not rot, does not crack, they are easy to clean and do not have to paint.

Purchaseplastic windows, you can.

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