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In preparation to become parents, expectant motherss and dad tchatelno equip the nursery, trying for his child to create a cozy and beautiful "nest." Parents often do not realize what kind of mattress will suit best for their child and focusing only on the beautiful pictures without 5 minutes. parents buy him a soft mattress , and thus they make a fatal mistake, because it is very soft mattress absolutely not suitable for the proper formation of the back of their child. In addition, such mattress s can be dangerous for the baby, as if the baby in the dream rereturn on his stomach in a soft feather bed - it just might choke. That is why after the birth of a child to sleep on the hard mattress e, which, in turn, will help to provide excellent support for the spine and skeletal system of the newborn. And what kid under, the harder it is to be mattress . Children choose mattress in any case can not be based on the position of "cute and inexpensive - and that's good," because it affects the child, and, consequently, calm his mom and dad. Remember quality should not be!

Mattress for the newborn must necessarily have orthopedic effect, ie, it is independent of the length of the lying posture and shall ensure that the child's body position during sleep. Pillow mattress helps to create the rightoh posture, promotes normal development of the spine and is a good prevention of diseases. The most important issue when choosing a mattress for a kid is that now almost all manufacturers have their mattress < / span> s called orthopedic, despitethe fact that "ortopedichnost" many of them are under a huge issue.

Mattress s with springs

If you have decided to choose the spring mattress for your baby's crib, we advise you to immediately abandonfrom the mattress and whose dependent spring unit that consists of interconnected springs affecting the position of each other. Such mattress and have the effect of a hammock - with pressure in them appears dent. In this case, the orthopedic effect Practnical not. So with any movement of the child-like mattress will deform and bend, and this is totally unacceptable.

Mattress s with springs for a baby cot just in case, if you buy a mattress with independent spring block where all the springs are packed in their own individual case, which, in turn, allows all the springs to operate in standalone mode, without affecting each other. Such a mattress adapts to the body, allowing your spine to remain smooth crumbsth, as it does not sag, and insulation springs when changing the posture of the child eliminates the possibility of noise and vibration that is in addition to restful sleep.

Choosing spring mattress , pay attention to the filler layer that is located between the cover and box spring. For detskih mattress s best filler think latex and coconut coir, or a combination thereof - these are the materials that are used in the springless mattress s. Now becoming more popular bilateral mattress s that have the properties" winter / summer ". So" winter "side of the mattress and is made of warm and soft material (struttofaybera or latex), and the "old" side has a rigid layer of coconut coir. For kids absolutely unacceptable Foam or cotton layer: data materialy actively absorb moisture, dampen have insufficient elasticity, poorly ventilated, create a favorable environment for the development of harmful microorganisms, bacteria and mites.

Springless mattress s

More and more moms and dads choose springless mattress s for the kids, such as mattress s have excellent orthopedic properties in they have metallic parts, which in turn eliminates the electrostatic and magnetic influence on the child. The best material for children springless mattress s are: latex, coconut coir, struttofayber, polyurethane foam.

Mattress with coconut coir

So Coir is made from natural coconut fiber, which used to provideOlsha durability and elasticity impregnated with latex. Such a mattress has excellent rigidity (this is very important during the formation of the spine), resistant to wetting, well-ventilated, non-allergenic, does not absorb odors, and the environmentally net impregnated coconut mattress is protected against mites, dust, etc. harmful microorganisms.

Mattress with latex

Latex is a foam rubber tree Hevea juice. A resilient, flexible, hypoallergenic material that has a porous structure and is able to withstand the enormous burden, it stores very quickly recovers its original shape. Mattress s latex tight and warm, which is why the combined springless models may be the best option, because in them one-on side is madeLatex and 2nd side is made of coconut coir. Depending on the age of the child and temperature side mattress and can easily be alternated. Perforated latex and porous structure of coir betray like mattress s "dyshaschid effect. "Fillers made entirely from natural materials create an ideal microclimate for sleeping newborn, they have antibacterial properties and does not accumulate static electricity.

Mattress with polyurethane foam

Polyurethane is foamed polymer that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and water resistant synthetic material that can be   rigid and elastic. In most cases it is used in the mattress s economy class.

Mattress with struttofaybera

Struttofayber - it is hypoallergenic warm material made of compressed natural and synthetic fibers, similar in its properties to natural hair. It can be used as a basis for mattress and or exerciseuguyu, soft, heat-shielding layer.

To fit a newborn mattress with a rigid side with lateksirovannoy coconut coir. During the formation of the spine children fit bilateral mattress with the parties at different stegree of hardness, and convenient for the older child will mattress with a more elastic and soft side, made of natural rubber or other synthetic material. Remember that before you buy children mattress , you definitely need to Ubedites available health certificate that confirms the safety of the product and the product in accordance with GOST.

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