Lviv National Scientific Library named after V. Stefanik


This library IS THE one of the largest in terms of assets Library of Ukraine, a powerful Scientific Information Center. It was organized by January 2, 1940 through the merger into a single structure nationalized Soviet power more than 100 private, commercial and public collections and libraries, which functioned until 1939 in the Westregion of Ukraine, in particular - of the city. The library included libraries: Public House, Scientific Society. Shevchenko Foundation. Bavorovskih, National Institute. Ossoli?ski, part of the library of Lviv Stavropigiyskogo brotherhood, many library branches of society, "Enlightenment", private collections, confiscated Biblesswelling of monasteries and libraries of national societies.

01.01.2011 Library named after V. Stefanik has more than 8-million units of assembly, including the world-famous collection of Ukrainian Studies (printed and handwritten edition of 11 - early 20th centuries ; personalarchives of 18 - 20th centuries; unique collections: map (more than 22 thousand. units of assembly) and older (about 120 thousand. units assembly) edition 16 -18 centuries, paleotypes (more than 800 meetings), incunabula (50 units of assembly), Ukrainian and foreign language periodicals 19- 1 st half of the 20th century (more than 3-million units of assembly). In addition itsecond, Lviv National named after V. Stefanik is the only Ukrainian library that has the works of Ukrainian and world art: drawings, watercolors, gouache, prints, sculpture, photography, as well as the largest in Ukraine collection of musical works of foreign and domestic composers (378 thousand. assembly units).

unique collection and library collections:

  • palaeotypes, incunabula, manuscripts ages 11 -18;
  • original works of Western European, Ukrainian, Japanese and Chinese artists (watercolors, drawings, engravings);
  • periodic andbook editions, which were published in Ukraine and abroad in the 18th - 20th centuries;
  • valuable cartographic collection;
  • one of the largest in Ukraine Sheet Music Foundation.

All this is related to scientific objects chotorye considered a national treasure.The total amount of funds that can not be replicated in the case of loss or damage and which are important for the Ukrainian science is 3-million 725 thousand. Units meetings.

In 1989, the Library named after V. Stefanik was assigned status of a research institute. During all this time formed scientific schools bibliografovedeniya and pressoznavstva, which is preparing the material and the formation of an electronic database.

At the present stage of development of the main tasks of the Library due to the directions of its activity are considered:

  • national research institutions;
  • public guardian unique print and manuscripts of Ukrainian and world book culture, foreign and Ukrainian works of art and other documents on a variety of media;
  • important informational and educational center. &Nbsp;
Library named after V. Stefanik - one of the leading institutions engaged in scientific research in the field of Book Science, Library Science, Bibliography, pressovedeniya, Source, Documentation, Biography Studies, Archeology, Art History, History of Culture, information libraries, conservation, SaveT ruble and restoration of documents. The library staff is carried out by compression and extensive bibliographic research papers 11 -20 centuries, putting voluminous scientific reference publications they produce in light: monographs, collections of scientific papers, conference proceedings, and numerous bibliographies.

The library nameStefanik provides:

  • acquisition, scientific processing and permanent storage of documents on various media;
  • completion of the electronic catalog of bibliographic records;
  • users to access documents in all types of mediaher information;
  • users access to the world's electronic databases.

Resource Library named after V. Stefanik are about 200 thousand. People every year who are browsing around 800 thousand. Documents. It offers students,   graduate students, researchers and professionals -18 specialized and industrial halls.

State Library named after V. Stefanik: 426 people, including: research staff - 91 people (including 22 PhD and 5 doctors) .

Generalnys director of the Library named after V. Stefanik is a famous UkrainENGLISH scientist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - Professor MN Romaniuk.

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