Kazakh National Technical University


KazNTU is one of the leading highereducational institutions of Kazakhstan. Is a leader in the field of technical education, annually producing highly qualified engineers of different directions. It has been 80 years since its founding, the university is a center of science and technology, intellectual training, the basis, the heart of any society and country. The base was KazNTUback in 1934 and since then he has gone from metallurgical institute to polytechnics and, finally, the high rank of the National Technical University. In the early days of its development, thanks to the outstanding scholars, teachers, and the party line on the development of the technical potential of the country, the university has become one of basic training qualified withProfessionals widely for mining, geological industries. At the present stage the institution bears the title of not only national but also by the same name - in honor and memory of the outstanding Kazakh scientist and geologist, minerologe after KISatpayev. Modern KazNTU - is the country's largest educational and scientific center of different profile, in thewhich includes the following main units:

  • Institute of Geology and Petroleum;
  • Mining and Metallurgical Institute;
  • Institute of Information Technology;
  • Industrial Engineering Institute;
  • Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering;
  • Institute of Economics and Business;
  • Military Institute;
  • Institute of Basic Education.

NTU provides quality higher education, virtuallyall technical disciplines from geology and metallurgy to engineering and construction. In addition, the university operates on the basis of master, doctorate, post-graduate program of education and training.

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