The difficulties of translation into a foreign language


Customers often ask for help in a translation Agency with a request to translate texts into a foreign language. In other words, information intended for foreign audiences. The reality is that, despite the huge number of offerings on the market in this industry, few specialists will perform high-quality translation into a foreign language. This is due to several reasons, which we will discuss.

Main challenges

According to statistics, only 10% of local translators can accurately translate text into a foreign language. Why the situation is like this? This is due to objective factors:

  • Translation designed for foreign audience. This means that it must be written in clear and accessible language. Foreign language knowledge is insufficient to perform the tasks at the appropriate level. You need to consider the culture, mentality, values of the target audience. Ideally, the translator has to think in a foreign language, fully immersed in a different linguistic reality;
  • When translation is used, both active and passive dictionaries. The words taken from them, lining up language constructs. In this case, refers to expressions that are typical for residents of a particular country. Because a child absorbs from the environment typical phrases and momentum. Not surprisingly, this task usually trust the translator-the medium. Since the target language of his own;

3 ways of solving the problem

in Spite of these difficulties, there are methods to overcome them. List them.


    the Most efficient way to entrust the translation to a native speaker. But there are disadvantages. Sometimes not so easy to find the right specialist for the specifics of the tasks. It is worth considering that good experts are always loaded with work. Besides, not every carrier can accurately translate text. Indeed, apart from knowledge of language to understand the subject material with which to work; the

  • to Hire a professional Russian interpreter. Practice shows that in the translation, he will spend much more time in comparison with the carrier. Owing to the above factors. But quite often customers have a deadline, so they are not willing to wait;

Contact a reliable . Besides the fact that companies established contacts with speakers of different languages, she has a good staff. So that it can perform high-quality translations and to meet the deadline.

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