Shirts, pants and suits 2017-2018: what to wear to a man?

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the coming year is preparing for the fashion lovers to look stylish? As in every season, this fall and winter among items of clothing fashion designers highlighted their favorites.



As a rule, the shirt - thing put on a celebration, a work or a business meeting. However, this season is an exception! Latest collection rife with bright shirts. Drawings of all kinds: large and small patterns, colorful and solid. These shirts will easily fit into the daily wardrobe.

special attention was drawn to a rich red color. He is the main trend of the top menswear 2018.

it is Worth noting that the traditional plaid and stripes has not been canceled.

Gaining popularity shirt length to mid-thigh. In the collections there are also quite a long up to the knee.

More warm options: shirt worn by Ballon or sweater on top of shirt peeking out from under it, the floors of the shirt should not be tucked in. The most popular sets of contrasts: pale blue chemise and a Burgundy turtleneck, white shirt and black knitted Golf.

Watch as the only accessory which can carry a man, better to pick directly under the shirt. You can contact the ageless classics of Swiss watches to save suitable , high-quality replica has the main advantage of the original - a stunning classic design.



Unusual trends were made and the pants. For example, the triumphant return of the pants straight cut. Wide leg pants, among other things, very practical this time of year as a man could easily wear for warmth long Johns under them.

Trendy palette this time too surprising: the preference is light brown and beige shades and even white and light grey. Of course, these pants can easily get dirty in rainy weather, however, create a stylish and direct.

a Favorite strip gave way to the cell, the size of which vary from tiny to giant.

For the more daring fashionistas this season and offered bold colors: yellow, green, wine or bright red.

Young and energetic young people to fit the sporty image. To add onion in daily life, you can choose from many styles of appropriate pants. This winter it's pants in military style with pockets or sweatpants with stripes.



Fashionable in the autumn and winter season of this year, mens suits support trends colorful shirts and wide leg. Colors of suiting completely different: the whole picture, small ornaments, futuristic multicolor prints; plain, but very bright and flashy colors. The leader among the prints was a cage from delighting with small to large plaid.

a Royal luxurious look to betray the most fashionable suits of velvet and corduroy.

This winter jacket is worn on the turtleneck and sweater, perfect for cold winters. It does not deprive the image of rigor, but makes it functional. If you want to dilute the business color scheme, you should choose colorful Ballon.

Classics never ceases to be relevant, so that the trousers and fitted jackets trivial colors are always in fashion. The usual male palette: black, mustard, dark blue and gray.

this Autumn and winter next year appear very versatile in terms of fashion. The adherents of any style will be able to choose an outfit to taste, keeping in trend.

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