Audio books in English for beginners. Recommendations for teachers


Listening to foreign speech - part daily training of language skills. 90% of students say that the use of audio books in the process of learning helps you quickly master the lexical units and to use English easily. Language learners can free download books in English, audio books or reference materials.

why use audio books?

  1. You always spend your time on the road, cleaning, household chores. Why not listen to a book and do two useful things at once?
  2. New words in live speech. If the school benefits, such as tutorials MZ biboletova or other, offer to learn words , memorize phrases, when listening to the process of learning a new lexical units is freely, in a relaxed manner. the

  3. Listen to anywhere. To listen to the recordings have a lot, often, and only then the ear will get used to it, learn to differentiate between words and phrases.
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  5. the Study of grammar through natural understanding: listen, remember and use in speech ready-made designs.
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  7. Learn the pronunciation, intonation.

What books teachers recommend for beginners?

Among the variety of audio materials can be easily lost, especially to the beginner.

  • When selecting books, consider the language level. Do not grasp complicated materials, even if you really want. You can start just listen to the topics on English language, small stories in narrative form. For example, the tale The town mouse and the country mouse, 30 children s stories or other.
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  • Beginners are best to choose materials, well-read speaker. This will ensure correct pronunciation and intonation of the tones after the first listen of the book. This is the base for beginners and intermediate. But books, well-read Native Speakers, at the initial stage should be abandoned.
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  • do Not try to translate every word, understand the essence.
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  • As with book with written text. The simultaneous listening and visual guarantees mastery of the material in 2 times stronger.
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  • For beginners, teachers are recommended to take the books, read them in Russian. So, when the story is known, the reader will focus more on words and phrases, pronunciation.

Alternate audio with video lessons in English, self-study with English lessons with a repeater. Motivate yourself, read interesting books, then learning English will be fun and fast.

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