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the Heads of large companies and organizations know that in the course of their activities, especially if it is conducted actively, and there is a need to take part in arbitration disputes. This is the most competent method of conflict resolution, defending the legitimate interests, and therefore often required . If the need for litigation arises regularly, the majority of executives make the decision to invite on a regular basis in the state of its organization lawyer or attorney, who will be entrusted the responsible task of representation of interests in court. However it should be noted that the search for such a specialist is not an easy task. Despite the fact that every year the higher educational institutions producing hundreds of specialists of legal education not all of them can boast the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and demonstrate aspirations to further develop in their chosen profession, to improve their skills.

of Course, you can hardly expect that your legal interests or the interests of your organization will be able to defend a fresh graduate: first he should gain valuable experience through which he will be able to continue to find ways out of even the most difficult situations. To work with young specialists, of course, many managers do not refuse their services, but be prepared for the fact that not always the results of their work can bring the expected results.

Better, not wasting any time, immediately begin the search for the professional, who has impressive experience - ideally it needs to be at least 3-5 years. During this time an elected specialist should actively participate in the litigation, speaking on one of the parties; regularly expand their professional knowledge and skills. You can ask your chosen lawyer or attorney to show procedural documents, which would indicate that this person was involved in certain cases, successfully defended the interests of their clients. Already a personal consultation with a specialist, you will be able to draw conclusions about the knowledge, skills, abilities, about the fact whether it is feasible for a specialist solution of the set tasks.

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