Facilities for research as a tool for new discoveries


Medical research today is constantly make all the new discoveries to significantly improve human life, to make it more comfortable and safe. On the other hand, it was all just impossible without modern research laboratories with technical equipment of the new generation. To pick up , providing the necessary control for chemical-physical processes that are possible in modern wholesale businesses, in particular, CU-Analyst.

the Lab can accommodate several groups of equipment, in particular to carry out:

  • Dimension. Analytical equipment includes a number of devices to accurately determine the components and amount of any analyte with maximum precision. Modern models help to identify components, thereby greatly accelerating research. The latest technologies have become a real engine of progress through the use of automation and developed a series of mathematical programs helps to hold a huge number of treatments of data with minimum errors. By the way, automation has helped to completely eliminate the human factor, thereby to improve and speed up the processes in the laboratory. CU-Analytics offers a number of interesting proposals for quality analytical equipment from European companies to meet modern trends of development of research processes and help to bring them to a completely new level;
  • Control properties of the used substances;
  • Conducting experiments;
  • Industrial work.

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