Applicators for sandwich lines


research work in the construction industry continuously need to find new, more effective materials. One of them is the sandwich panel composite design of insulation and the outer shells, which is indispensable in the construction of prefabricated buildings, frame-panel technology. For mass production () you must use the automatic lines, an essential element of which adhesive applicators GLUESTREAM SPL-2.

a Little about a sandwich

Before you begin to consider the structure and principle of operation of the equipment, it is necessary to at least briefly indicate why it is necessary. That is, you need to understand the structure of the panel. It is a multi-layered structure of rectangular shape, within which there are two groups of materials:


    Insulation. Ball of polymers (polyurethane, polystyrene) or mineral wool with a thickness of 5 to 30 cm, the main role of which is to reduce the rate of heat exchange between inside the building and outdoor space;

    Fascia. A thinner protective-decorative bowl, or rather, two balls (external and internal). For this purpose, steel sheets, plastic, plasterboard, OSB plate. Its role is to protect the insulation from the external environment and create the desired decorative effect.

what applicator?

For connecting different layers into a single design requires the use of special adhesives. To apply them automatically to create the necessary conditions for maximum adhesion and desired applicators type GLUESTREAM SPL-2.

From the point of view of design, it is a vertical frame on which the movable carriage with the function of applying the adhesive. In motion she is driven via the engine. Work occurs in an automatic mode, in full synchronization with the movement of the surface.

Applicator allows you to connect various on the structure and properties of materials. The layer deposition takes place uniformly and with great precision through the use of special dosing pumps. The rate of application is adjusted automatically, taking into account the viscosity of the adhesive composition or other process conditions.

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