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the Rhythm of life and level of development of our society is constantly growing, but the reality is that a large part of financial is not able to keep up with all innovations. A striking example is the television industry, annually gives a lot of new products: ultra-thin, with a big diagonal, Ultra HD resolution, Internet-capable and Smart TV. Of course, their price exceeds the capabilities of most of the population, which remains as it were in the side from a wave of scientific and technological progress. But should we despair, if the house is good TV without the bells and whistles that you just connect Android console, for example, mini ii m8s android tv box. It allows you to greatly expand the functionality of conventional TVs, bringing it close to the modern digital models, but at a much lower price.


Quite often when talking about these devices, why some perceive them as a kind of media center. In fact, the functionality of Android game consoles is much bigger and not limited to viewing or listening to audio and video content. But if you really started from this position, it should be noted that the gadget allows you to play almost all available media formats. Of course, there may be some problems, but not so hard to fix with firmware.

in addition, the console allows you to access more than 1000 TV channels, analog and digital types. It is enough to load the operating system applications and subsequently to select the desired channel and image quality.

Another huge advantage of consoles based on Android OS is the ability to make full use of network technology. The owner of the gadget by simple actions can connect your TV to your local network or even organize access to the Internet. As a result, it is possible to browse the web directly on the TV screen.

For holders not entirely new models that do not have USB ports, the good news is their presence on the console. This means that any movie, clip, audio tracks can be freely put them on a flash drive and "eat" is on the TV.


In conclusion it should be noted that each such prefix has a distinctive technical features, hardware, memory, signal propagation, etc. All this should be considered when choosing a particular model.


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