What is directory and how to make it effective?

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the majority of people are accustomed to seeing advertising catalogues illustrated full color volume products, which offset print method. By the way, in Moscow to order .

typically, the catalog is color, multi-page product in a paperback that includes background information. A vivid example of this edition is the directory in which the printed systematic information about the services and products of a particular company.

create a directory often takes quite a lot of money and time. That's why a triple is necessary, that it be efficient and get maximum returns. But a logical question arises: "How to do it?".


Make effective directory:

  • the First thing to pay attention is cover, which should catch a potential customer. Looking at her, the reader, even reading, should understand what your company does and what this folder.
  • Next, a cursory browse catalog catch the eye ILLUSTRATIONS and captions. Apply the following very simple method: post pictures of your own Manager - it will have to communicate. It is necessary to promptly transfer own advantages and complement their excellent pictures and words that also will have to communicate, for example: income, free, money, benefits, new. You should not use the word barriers, for example: old account, problem, repair, risk, danger, dead. Do not use complicated special terms, information must be submitted in clear and simple form;
  • a Text. The reader slides look at the text, grab the various points. Words that enhance human attention are called amplifiers , and distractions - barriers . The main challenge is that in the text of the low barriers and high amps . Writing the right text for the catalog is a real art so this task is best left to a professional copywriter;
  • Contacts Page . It is imperative to specify all available methods of communication.

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