Production furniture: what is it for?


the production will include all the furniture that is used in production directly in the manufacture of parts, products, equipment and various goods. Under this category falls the following furniture: tables fitter, mechanic, welder, and cook (an example of such a table ), workbenches, carts, tool cabinets and cupboards, metal wardrobes.

the Main requirements for the production of furniture are withstand huge mechanical loads and high wear resistance. That is why, basically, such furniture is made of metal and very high quality manufactured in metallokarkas, which, in turn, is made by means of welding design square cross-section of the shaped tube. Further, this product is sheathed with sheet metal, it is inserted pull-out trays, shelves, drawers, and legs of stick mounts, which are adjustable.


the Entire production of the furniture can be divided into several subcategories:

  • Workbenches and tables. They are used as work places;
  • furniture. This includes: carts, cabinets and tool boxes;
  • Warehouse. It includes: cantilever, mezzanine, and flight racks;
  • Dressing room. This includes: boxes, benches and cabinets.

Next, we consider 1 well of the main categories of industrial furniture, namely, jobs. So, in the shops directly at the working places produce most of the work: testing, adjusting, and mechanical Assembly. If we consider tables locksmith (fitter) or workbenches, they have the same design principle: the countertop, hard metallokarkas, drawers or cabinets for tools, protective screens, and add-ins on the table. Their main function is to expedite proceedings and relief works. So, doing my job, mechanic, sitting behind the production Desk, at any time, has at hand the necessary tools and materials.

If we talk about secondary production of furniture, it is necessary for the equipping of the workplace. For example, movable stand for bench table, tool cart in the garage, 1 in the tool Cabinet workbench 3 4 which serve for comfortable work. In addition, very often for the production of also used the special furniture that is made directly under sketches of the customer.

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