Types of mattresses and their fillers


mattressGood modern mattresses are divided into two types: orthopedic and anatomical. Orthopedic mattresses ensure proper support of the spine during sleep and muscle relaxation, while the anatomical mattress intelligently perceives the weight of a person and adjusts to each bend of the body. By the way, in Moldova you can buy cheap bed mattresses 160x200 (saltele pat 160x200 ieftine) in the site http://bigshop.md/.

Any mattress is spring or springless. Spring blocks, in turn, are divided into two types: dependent and independent. The dependent spring unit is usually called "Bonnel" and consists of rigidly connected springs. Block "Bonnel" has long established itself on the good side in terms of quality and price, but has one most important drawback: in addition to the springs that perceive the load, the neighboring ones are also pushed, which do not actually have a load, so the so-called "hammock effect". Mattresses on the Bonnel spring block are usually bought for rented apartments, hotels and hostels: where a strong and inexpensive spring mattress is needed.

The block of independent springs consists of springs separated from each other. Each spring is "dressed" in a special fabric cover. Thus, the block of independent springs can point to the load: only the springs on which pressure is compressed are compressed.

There are also several versions of the block of independent springs:

  • Independent springs TFK. They contain an average of 256 springs per square meter, wire thickness 1.8-2.0 mm. The TFK block is suitable for people whose weight does not exceed the average. Also, some manufacturers can make changes in the number of springs in a larger or smaller direction;    
  • Independent springs S1000 (Multi-pack). The block contains 500 (for 1 sq / m) springs of small diameter, section 1.4 mm. The S1000 unit is durable, capable of withstanding heavy loads, suitable for people with a weight greater than average. The block has an increased orthopedic effect;   
  • Block of independent springs S2000 (Micro package). Contains 1000 (per sq. M.) Small springs with a thickness of not more than 0.9-1.2 mm. For today, the S2000 is the most durable unit that can take high pressure and a large weight of a sleeper. Has a very high orthopedic effect and is ideal for people with a weight of more than 130 kg;
  • Spring unit "Duet" (DS) - is also independent, and its distinctive feature is that inside the spring with a large diameter is a spring with a smaller diameter. Thus, this block can also be called a "spring in a spring". Springs of smaller diameter go in staggered order. The unit contains a different number of springs (depending on the manufacturer): it is usually 250/108 per 1 sq / m, or 500/216. This design allows you to withstand significant loads and is ideal for couples with a large difference in weight;
  • The zone spring unit consists of independent springs with different hardness zones (for example, shoulder area, waist zone and leg zone). There are several types of zonal spring blocks: 2, 3, 5 and 7 zone ones. The zonal block is able to correctly perceive and distribute the load as much as possible and is usually used in expensive anatomical mattresses;
  • The spring block "Hourglass" is a patented mattress base from the Ascona factory. The unit consists of independent springs, resembling an hourglass in shape. Each spring contains three zones of stiffness: at the point where the diameter of the spring is larger - the expansion zone (from below and from above), and in the middle (smaller diameter) the narrowing zone. The larger the diameter of the spring, the easier it is to squeeze it, and vice versa. Mattresses on the spring block "Hourglass" can adequately perceive both small and large loads and are suitable for most people;
  • Springless models are also divided into two types: twisted into a roll and ordinary (untwisted). A plus of the mattress, which is delivered twisted into a vacuum package, is an easy further transportation to the dacha or to places with a narrow doorway where the usual mattress will not pass. A mattress in a roll is placed in the salon of even a small car. After opening the package, the mattress takes its form for 2-4 hours.
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