Refilling cartridges for laser printers


it is Obvious that the preparation of large amounts of printed text requires the use of special high-performance devices, such as laser printers. This is one of the most advanced devices today that allow you to create resistant to moisture, sunlight, mechanical abrasion of the printed text. In addition, the final quality of the information (whether text or a picture) is much higher.

the Laser in the printer is used for exposing images and as a consumable material is used special fine powder of the toner. If it is used up, you will need , which includes such operations as:

  • Full or partial disassembly of the cartridge;
  • Cleaning of internal surfaces of the body and elements from contamination (including remaining toner);
  • clean the contact surfaces and restore their conductive characteristics;
  • the Resumption of charge of the toner (filling)
  • Final Assembly of the cartridge.

What is a toner?

Service of such cartridges is inevitable as expendable material contained in them, has its own resource, i.e. ends, as ink in an inkjet printer. But because of its use of a particular technology is transferred to the paper, means and properties of the material, its structure must be different. In laser printers, as an alternative use a special ink powder toner. The size of the individual particles are in the range of 5 to 30 microns.

toner Production possible by mechanical grinding or artificial synthesis. In the first case, you get the kind of crystal particles with sharp edges. Such a toner reduces the life of the printer. A more modern method is the synthesis of particles of polyacrylate, styrene and other materials, with the shape close to spherical. Besides such approach allows to create particles with more or less the same dimensions.


the Process of cartridge refilling

This is one of the service operations, during which it is necessary partially to disassemble the cartridge body. Then come to clean the remnants of the old toner and the new backfill material. Practice shows that one cartridge may take two or three refills at the same components, and then conducted a major revision and replacement.

it Must be clearly understood that the toner is extremely dangerous to human health powder, which is also very volatile. This means that to make the change only in the service center, where will be respected the rules of personal and collective safety. The whole procedure takes place in special air chamber, the filter elements and a vacuum cleaner.
it is not recommended to perform this operation independently or with attraction of experts in home or office premises.


the restore Process cartridge

2-3 cycles When refueling takes place, it is necessary to carry out the recovery procedure. It consists in complete disassembly of the cartridge, followed by a careful cleaning of their surface, and diagnostics. By its results there is a replacement of worn components with new ones. After the audit of the parts are lubricated, filled with a suitable toner and going back.

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