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by Decision No. 851, dated 21 October 2015, the Cabinet has instructed the Central Executive bodies, ministries, Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kyiv and Sevastopol city and regional administrations to ensure the use for official correspondence officials only e-mailboxes that reside on servers that are located in blast zones .UKR .GOV.UA.

Also been assigned to lead their own domains according to the requirements to domains of government agencies in the Ukrainian segment of the global Internet.

it Was found that the Executive authorities and other state agencies to register domains in order to: ensure the world wide web in their official websites that provide access to databases, electronic registries and other information resources through the Internet, you can share elektronnymi letters (e-mail).

domain name Registration the registrant must carry out directly in the domain .GOV.UA (if need be in the domain .UKR) in accordance with the terms of use and registration of domains established by the data administrator of domain names. By the way, is available only to employees of public authorities.


To register the official web site on the Internet registrants should use:

  • in the domain name .UKR - a phrase (word) in Cyrillic, which reiterates its full (abbreviated) the official name or the acronym of its official name;
  • in the domain name .GOV.UA - a phrase (word) in Latin, which repeats its full (abbreviated) the official name or the acronym of its official name.

If you are using a couple of domains, then the official domain registrant of the name that is used for its official website. The specified domain will also be used to create e-mail addresses of the registrant. And territorial governments registrants can register their own domains, indicating their location (village, district, region, city, village).

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