Now in Almaty there are special programs to capture pickpockets

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Today in a pilot mode has launched a special program that will help very quickly to catch pickpockets in public transport. While it is filled only in the part of buses and trolleybuses, but will gradually equip the whole passenger vehicle fleet.

the Representative of DIA of Almaty Saltanat Ashirbek announced for this program. Only for the last day, was caught 9 thieves-pickpockets. How this software will be effective, will be known when it will be installed everywhere. His goal is not only help in catching criminals but also the prevention of such violations of the law, as well as creating unattractive places for theft.

the point is that in transport will be surveillance, but not elementary shooting, and biometric. It allows for the smallest wrinkles and moles to determine the identity of the offender. Therefore, if the thief was caught, even in the most minor offense and were in the database, the program immediately reads his / her biometric data, so when committing the crime, the thief suggests that he meet sent a squad of operatives, ready for his detention with polichnym. Such programmes operate in many countries including in the Russian Federation. In Almaty it is now while still testing, it works only on several routes, but there's already a great result since the beginning of the month was delayed for 25 perpetrators of theft in public transport.

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