How to treat neck pain?

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neck Pain can be not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Sometimes the cause of neck pain lies in the banal cold neck flushed, she aches and hurts. But often the reasons can be very different problems. In these cases, the neck is treated in different ways:

  • medicines
  • the
  • physical therapy
  • the
  • reflexology
  • the
  • with the use of physical therapy,
  • the
  • massage and other methods.

let's Talk about them separately.

Therapeutic effects

Usually neck pain are treated by invasive treatment with the use of drugs. Medical getting rid of neck pain involves the use of local analgesics. For example, such as paracetamol or aspirin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Also used drugs to relieve muscle tension, and hormone therapy use. In some cases, necessity forces the use of anticonvulsant medications and medications for other purposes that relieve swelling, enhance the action of analgesic drugs reduce inflammation. Typically, these drugs are taken not in tablets and in injections, particularly when the pain increased, are also widely used ointment.

In recent times the popularity of the various hot patches. In particular, doctors recommend that in parallel with the main treatment to buy orthopedic plaster broad spectrum. The patch is good for treatment chondrosia pain, when the problems associated with stiff neck and other diseases.

Orthopaedic care

Usually such measures are used after injury or surgery in the neck. Is the installation of special locking collar of Chance, which can be hard for a strong hold that prevents movement of the cervical, collar of the soft type, it is used when you need to support the neck part, or when required to form a correct posture.

Laser therapy and reflexology

One of the most effective means to relieve the swelling with the cervical spine and relieve pain in mild effects is L-therapy, or laser therapy, is based on the use of light beams of different spectra. Others. No less common physiotherapy treatment is reflexology, the impact on the sore spot electric shock, and also acupuncture (used to rebuild muscle tone and mobility).

ultrasound therapy

Fonoforez the so-called effective treatment of neck pain using ultrasound. Pinafores excellent restores blood circulation in the muscles, has analgesic property, and the use of drugs rapidly brings it on the sore spot, enhancing the effect of the use of drugs.

Massages, physiotherapy and other methods

in the presence of stress neck well help massage and other methods of manipulation. Massage is also used to stretch the spine. But with the help of physical therapy directly affect the muscles of the neck difficult, so mostly in therapeutic physical activities include work with the shoulder and thoracic.

In recent years the West has been actively applied in complex therapy of neck pain. In this case, experts of different directions are used as medication and physiotherapy tools and even work with the mentally causes of severe pain in the neck.

When no operation is necessary

Upon the occurrence of a hernia of intervertebral disks, the compression of the spinal cord and spinal roots have to decide on surgery. Today in the course of minimally invasive techniques, which are based on the use of laser. Because surgery on the spine is difficult to try to use if possible. And therefore, feeling the pain in the neck, do not suffer it, and look for the cause and do not lead to a big problem.


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