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The woman on that and the representative of the fair sex, as always Articleremitsya look perfect and that fascinate man. Poor environment, chronic stress, poor diet - these are just a group of risk factors surrounding the modern woman and forcing her to be constantly on the alert. Among the many results of harmful factors cause the most discomfort, perhaps, are those that affect the statesSRI woman's skin. Defective or painful conditions of the skin is a lot - wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, etc. A special place in this list is removed stretch marks - a kind of defect, which manifests itself in the form of strips (scars), mostly white or red, in places where the skin is experiencing the greatest tension (chest, abdomen, thighs or berriesItza). The reasons why the modern woman can face this phenomenon a few, but most likely to be:

  • intensive sports;
  • pregnancy and postrodovoy period;
  • set of sharp / weight loss.

Of course, at this stage of development of the cosmetic industry, a way to solve this problem set (compresses, resurfacing laser, peels, etc.), but from time immemorial women have faced and fought with her. For those who do not want or can not afford pricey treatments in the salon, an ideal natural remedy to combatstretch marks can be a fresh-water sponge. It's such a fresh-water sponge that lives in rivers and lakes. The basis of the sponge is a silicon "skeleton" which, when transformed into an abrasive grinding powder - ideal natural scrub. Cooked in a rubbed into the skin mask of concoctions, leads to a deep cleaning of the upper layers of the skin, improves blood circulation, Metaboolizm. As a consequence, the skin gets elasticity, firmness, softness, eliminating all defects and irregularities. Bodyaga – a great tool, alternative modern himiokosmetike, which will enable you to always look young and irresistible.

Effective mask based on badyagi

Often kosmetologii used quite effective procedure — make a mask out of clay and concoctions. For the preparation of this mask must take 3% hydrogen peroxide and badyagi powder. Next, you need to mix the ingredients until the consistency of sour cream. Experts recommend this mask applied to the skin is very thin, somewhere in 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, mAsuka is necessary to rinse with warm water. Apply this mask is recommended before going to bed. If you have an inflammatory skin disease, whereas the procedure set aside and wait until your skin is more or less calm down.

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