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rational fasting

Method of rational fasting

Rational fasting, medical fastingModern life regularly exposes human health to set of destructive effects. Products which we eat, mildly speaking, are not very natural. The air which we breathe and the water which we drink are not very clean. What can we oppose to all these negative factors? There are some health and cleansing techniques, honorable place among them occupies the so-called rational fasting. medical fasting Today we'll talk about it.

Method of rational fasting is based on the natural features of our body. It allows us to keep our health at the proper level, in spite of all the harmful effects, which we are exposed from day to day.

How to starve correctly.

Rational fasting, medical fastingPrinciple of rational fasting (sometimes its called "medical fasting", "healing fasting") is simple enough, that every body can quite consciously be engaged in it, completely controlling the the process. In fact, it essence is to completely abstain from eating any food once a week during 24 hours. People who have some experience in this field can significantly increase this time, sometimes up to several weeks. But one day a week is quite enough for the beginning. You should not immediately experiment with longer fasting, in order not to harm your health.

fasting, cleansing of the bodySo, if you decide to try this miraculous method of cleansing the body, you should regularly, once a week, completely abstain from eating. Exactly completely, we do not talking about any specific products. In fact, it is not as difficult, as it might seem at first glance. It is advisable to do this in your day off, when nothing will distract or annoy you. Fasting should continue for at least 24 hours, or else it would not have the desired effect. And you can drink only water (boiled or distilled), you can add a few drops of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey. This period of time is better to devote for a calm occupations: reading favorite books, unhurried walks in nature and more.

rational fastingThe essence of rational fasting lies in the fact that your body, free from the constant need to assimilate and digest food, exempt from its residues and naturally switched to self-purification and regeneration. Possibilities of the human body are much richer than many might imagine. There are cases when people with very serious diseases succeeded to be cured of their ailments only through healing fasting. However, if you are in old age or suffer from any chronic diseases, its recommend to consult about it with your doctor before fasting.

Finishing fasting

vegetables, exit from fastingThe fasting should be finished gradually. Salads and boiled vegetables the best fit as a first meal. Do not eat any animal products during the first meal - it could nullify a significant part of benefits. After 2-3 hours, during the second meal, you can eat everything you want.

Paul BraggIf you are seriously interested in the question of rational fasting, then I recommend you to read the book "Miracle of Fasting" by Paul Bragg, which describes this methodology in details and in available form. Good luck to you in the way of healing and self-improvement!

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    John - 21.11.2012, 02:25
    Paul Bragg is real legend.
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    Fasting has realy great healing ability.
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    Its good way to pure the body and reduce weight.
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    This realy good way for cleaning the body i faster myself 1 day a week.