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an asteroid Apophis, apocalypse, falling of an asteroid

For many millions of years mankind exists on Earth. How long iis defined for us to exist in this world? an asteroid Apophis, apocalypse, falling of an asteroidIs our life everlasting? No one is able to answer this question. Also those who believe that the end of the world is inevitable, pour oil on the fire. The only question is "when"? Apocalypses are countless versions: the prediction of the Mayan calendar and, the surge of solar radiation, anomalous natural catastrophes and asteroid impacts as well.

an asteroid Apophis, apocalypse, falling of an asteroidScientists even claim, that they know the exact time of a possible apocalypse. According to the mathematical model, calculating the speed and trajectory of a dangerous asteroid Apophis, experts call terrible date - 13.04.2029. Ironically, this day falls on the familiar Friday 13th.

A little bit about the asteroid. Apophis carries the power charge, which is comparable with the 65th thousands of atomic bombs, its weight is 50 million tons, and its diameter is 320 meters. If the asteroid will cross the orbit of our natural satellite, it will rush to the Earth with incredible speeds of over 40,000 miles per hour.

an asteroid Apophis, apocalypse, falling of an asteroidIt is terrible to imagine a picture of   Apophis asteroid collision with Earth. Experts of space agencies have calculated the falling speed - 16 kilometers per second. If an asteroid nevertheless will fall on our surface, then will released energy, which is comparable to thousands of atomic bombs, the sky will be tightened by a huge amount of dust. I do not want to be a witness of such a picture. What is the probability of a collision?

an asteroid Apophis, apocalypse, falling of an asteroid Disaster could happen if the space body will get into the gravitational field of the planet. The strength of the Earth's gravity will do its work and deploy an asteroid in a dangerous direction. Scientists all over the world are looking for ways to prevent a dangerous scenario. Many believe that success is possible only when changing orbit. This can be achieved in several ways.

One of them - to set rocket engine on the surface of the Apophis asteroid.
Second - to send flying space body by a frontal blow of spacecraft or bombardment of nuclear warheads.
The third way - to undermine the powerful nuclear charge, as it was in the "Armageddon" movie. Skeptics claim that all of this is meaningless. It is not possible to change its trajectory, because of the huge size and high speed.

an asteroid Apophis, apocalypse, falling of an asteroidThe meantime we can only imagine the consequences of a possible collision. Asteroid may fall on land or in the ocean.  When falling into a land asteroid will leave strip of 50 kilometers: complete destruction threatens to many settlements. Falling into the ocean will form a huge crater, which depth and diameter will be measured in kilometers. This collision will generate tsunami waves, which will reach more than 20 meters. All the settlements located on the coast, will be also in danger of complete destruction.

an asteroid Apophis, apocalypse, falling of an asteroidRussia prepares space project, whose main purpose is to preserve the planet and avoid a collision with a terrible asteroid. Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) plans to send a "gravity tractor" on the surface of Apophis. This spacecraft will study the behavior of the asteroid, its structure, and will try to rotate orbit.

an asteroid Apophis, apocalypse, falling of an asteroidLet's hope that we will avoid a global catastrophe. This requires to make maximum efforts of all countries on the planet Earth, because at stake - the lives of our descendants, and hence the continuation of mankind.

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