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X-Men, evolution

We know so little about the universe, that it be more correct to say - we know nothing. Progress gave new devices in the people's hands, we have learned to detect weak signals and impulses. The birds calmly fly across the entire globe - they do not need navigation, fish swim across oceans, returning to their native river bed.
evolution of manEven primitive organisms, without having the rudiments of mind feel an earthquakes, better than any devices. It turns out - the higher the man rises up the steps of evolution, the further nature throws him from the perception of subtle matter. What is this? Maintaining the balance? Insects unmistakably determine the magnitude of the atmosphere, catch ultrasound. The simpler is the animal, the more opportunities it has at the level of instincts.
And the people, on the contrary, increasing the technical component of life, slowly but surely lose those abilities. We weakly calculate in mind and have forgotten how to read quickly (its easier to listen to the book). Mariana TrenchWe can not get along without oxygen even 10 minutes and the pressure change is detrimental for us and for fish even half an hour without air, and a thousand meters deep (100 atmospheres!) is normal. Let alone the speed of movement, strength and ability to survive.
All this we are trying to compensate with equipment. And not without success. Perhaps someone will say - this is not a scientific approach and you can not assess the situation so superficially. But science is so unified, that experts are only slightly familiar with the adjacent areas, and absolutely not competent in others. This is correct and rational. Otherwise it will not be possible to achieve success. Its easy enough to conduct scientific analysis of one component, its difficult to conduct scientific analysis of groups of factors, but its unattainable to to imagine the numerous relationships of the nature of things. Maybe another approach is needed. BuddhistMaybe that's why Buddhists see way of understanding the world in the philosophy of nature, but not in scientific discoveries. Is created a strange impression of similarity of physical laws and the environment, energy and life. Why do man in the process of evolution, gained as much, as he lost. Brilliant scientific achievements pale in comparison with the abilities of the simplest living beings.
geyser eruptionAll these "discoveries" have already been made before the appearance of hu mans. And we actually have already possessed them. How to survive in boiling geysers of volcanoes - like bacteria, or to resist the effect of radiation like cockroaches. It has long been realized by nature, has been tested in practice, and put in our DNA chains. Is it possible to return these abilities?
black holeOr maybe just exists the limit of useful properties of living beings. As well as the limit of the density of matter or the speed of light. Maybe it's "natural" balance, and its violating may cause processes, which are comparable with the collapse in black holes. It is hard to imagine the possibilities of living organisms, developing without "brakes" and constraints. Estimating the age of the universe - 13 billion years, and observing signs of reasonable activity, we can assume the existence of certain natural laws, which do not admit such an explosive development of civilizations. universeLet's fantasize and imagine the presence of some creatures, which been accumulating all the useful life acquisitions during evolution, accumulated and evolved. Expansion of the boundaries of life will inevitably lead to an expansion of neighbor planets and then the most part of space. Technical facilities will recede into the background. They are not needed if there is an ability to adapt to vacuum. Stars will not have time to burn - their energy will be used. What's next - a violation of the laws of physics? Maybe natural fuses of vitality rescue from such a scenario. Save and keep the established order of our space. But black holes exist - its a fact.X-Men, evolution What is happening in them contradicts the logic. Hence, there is an exception from the rules of the real world. Maybe similar things are possible in living nature and X-men will appear not only in the movies. The laws of our world are united. They have no separation on the living and non living, and therefore they act at everyone and on everything - it remains only to wait for such discoveries. The first step is the appearance of indigo children...

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    Bill - 23.01.2013, 17:35
    Indigo chinlder is very interesting phenomenon.
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    That's a smart answer to a diffuiclt question.