History of Dentistry

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dentist called itself-sustaining branch of medicine that deals with the study of the structure and the normal functioning of the teeth, as well as their actual treatment and prevention of complex diseases of the teeth, jaws, oral diseases, and other areas of the neck and face.

The first mention of dentistry

The first mention ofdental treatment as a medical specialty dates from the late early XVII-XVIII century, first of all it was connected with the works of Pierre Foshara- outstanding French dentist. Pierre Foshar in the XVII century suggested that patients treated carious teeth filling foil of lead, gold and tin.

It was through his efforts and dischargeabotkam on making gold crowns, as well as the invention of a drill, which is driven by a hand-held machines and used for dental treatment, they gave impetus to the development of dentistry.

In 1819, after there were gold crowns, dental cavities treated began to fill with a mixture of sawdust and behold mercuryrib.

It is worth mentioning that the German dentist Lippold first proposed for the treatment of patients with dental amalgam use, but this method in the future had to be abandoned because the fillings thus proved to be very harmful to person because of copper oxides.

Becoming stomatitisogy in Russia

On the formation of dentistry in Russia first became known thanks to Peter I, who for the first time in the history of Russia brought from abroad is quite different dental instruments and appliances for   In order to treat teeth.

The first school dentists

In 1881, in St. Petersburg was opened the very first school dedicated to good preparation smart dentists and after 2 years, in 1883 she was released from the first 450 dentists.

In the same year in Russia organized the first scientific community dentists, and 2 years later was created a specialorgan « Dental Gazette & raquo ;, which allowed a relatively short time to unite society dentists from different cities of Russia.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

As soon as developing practical and theoretical part of the oral and maxillofacial surgery, and dental treatment and zuboprotezirovAnia there was an urgent need to merge two separate disciplines while-Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry.

As for maxillofacial surgery, she developed in the framework of traditional surgery and a long time was not something distinct from general surgery. Dental treatment is not considered something svyabound to the general medicine, even up to the XVII century. Until Dentistry attributed relief of dental pain, it finally led to the commonplace remove diseased tooth.

Since the beginning of the XX century has been collected a considerable base of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of dental treatment, and was released a lot of scientific papers . With the development oftechnologies have begun to develop new, more convenient and efficient dental instruments for dental treatment, new materials for sealing, which were in many respects better than that.

It is said that the first dentists to work exclusively by men, but This law was revised in 1829 and learnand worked as a dentist was allowed and the fairer sex.

In our time in each city you can easily find a lot of private dental offices and public clinics. For example, in Moscow you enough help in naming metro line, ask: "", and you will be given a list of dentistscal offices.

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