Value cards in modern life


Business card is a document which carriedis some information. Let us assume for the business card lawyer can beat specified address, telephone number, FI O., e-mail, website. Does this mean that the document was created for the dissemination of information about a person? You should not jump to conclusions, because in our society, business cards can carry information about the store, cafe, entertainment center. This means that visasitku can be used to disseminate information about the institution or organization. The main attributes are as phone number and address where you can contact if necessary. So, business card, visit originated from the word. And indeed, when businessmen visit one by one trying to keep information about themselves, namely card. So it's the flooreznaya thing.

What would it not seem a trifle, she always talks about your image. This means that the design of business cards has its place, it is necessary to take into account that design can beat theme. Can also use the classics, because if business card looks just too mediocre and it's like a man in a suit, butin slippers come to the meeting. Creating the right design business cards you will only have to print yourself the right amount. Good in our time is not a problem and it can be done without even leaving the house on your home printer or at a specialized printing company.

The history of business cards

The first business cards were started in China. In the era of Sung culture they used small sheets of paper or pieces of delicate silk. At these business cards initially indicated the name of the giver of gifts to influential officials. Compliments and suggestions thus welcomed.

XVI century. - A little different inizitkami benefited in Venice and Florence, they became personal.

XVII century. - France. French cards already had its own peculiarities and differences, their handcrafted and are applied only to the owner's name and title. They could still call « business tickets & raquo ;, but if you specify it beat gamescial card.

XIX century. - Design business cards are concise. Unusual decoration are different fonts. In Russia, the development of such secular cards currently engaged in a rather well-known artists such as: Leon Bakst and Alexandre Benois.

Business Card mainly contains the following information:

  1. the name of the organization, institution;
  2. surname, first name, middle name of the card holder;
  3. post;
  4. address of the organization, institution;
  5. phone number, fax.

Nowadays, business cards can simply order. In this case, they will be created by all the rules of etiquette will have chic design that will accentuate your image.

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