The history of the recorder (DVR)


If you ask the average person on the saletse: "What is a DVR?", it is likely that the first thing that will come to mind - it will be, which can be seen today in every fifth car. And how came this device, and looked like originally? These are the questions we try to answer in this article.

History DVR

DVR, as it is known today - is a digital video recording. It is a device or software application that allows the user to record video in digital format on any storage device, but more often, the hard disk. For most people, the greatest invention of the DVR, but the major television networks, it was a loously threatened, because it is made even easier than a VCR. The first digital video recorders were introduced in January 1999, during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on ReplayTV and TiVo. Anthony Wood, founder of ReplayTV and Jim Baton with Mike Ramsay, co-founders of TiVo, all credited to one another invention of digital videoregistratora. But in March 1999, it was first put Tivo DVR ever in the world. At that point in the Tivo was still four to six months before the device will actually be done, but with a heavy push and sleepless nights by the engineers and the rest of Tivo, Video Recorder was ready earlier. It was called Blue Moon.

Fall ReplayTV

The devices were not available until the end of 2000. In 2001 they were acquired by the Japanese company SONIC blue. SONIC filed for bankruptcy in 2003.

Advanced additional opportunities ReplayTV:

•The new devices allow people to record information and watch it without commercials using the "Auto Skip", thereby tempting advertisers to pull the plug on what advertising is called "life force most TV channels".
• The devices allow users to share programs that they recorded with others through the "Submittingit / Show "that transmits a digital copy of the show over the Internet to other owners of ReplayTV, which allows people who do not pay for premium channels to watch premium content for free.

ReplayTV with its" 4000 Series "and" 5000 "machines were the first digital video recorders that have a built-Commercial.

This brings us to the first feature DVR, which originally consisted of original videos. Betamax was developed by Sony Corporation and released in May 1975 and VHS, Developed by JVC, was released in October 1976. Both these platforms have analog formats video cassettes and used according to the type of VCR (VCR) for atrecording and video playback. Betamax and VHS obvious contenders of his time, but several factors have led eventually to the demise of Betamax. First tape recording medium only up to 60 minutes of video, whereas video cassette mean able to record 2-4 hours in the VHS video (VCR) was simpler to manufacture. The smaller size of the tape and the video quality in Betamax had the advantage at the beginning of keeping it a strong contender between the 1970s-1980s, over the years, but this they also fell when trying to extend the recording tape lost its excellent quality, it has become known, and the war ended in the late 80s .


Videoregistrator is one of the greatest inventions. This combination of old and new technologies for different purposes and applications that are much higher than "just" TV. DVR, right now, is held on the first positions for a very long time because of its versatility, physical mobility, and comfort, which is why he is on the marketmore than 12 years. Cloud server technology should catch up and overtake the features provided by the DVR. Then we could see another battle on the horizon technologies.

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