How to draw their own modern drawing?


With drawings znakomobolshinstin humans. Some people - are constantly working with unique design documentation on large companies, others - just once collected even after the purchase of your desk or chair. For all assembly drawings unique factory, and virtually all have seen, and even well-studied large circuit lines underground or all evacuation plans todaybuildings - all that's variety of unique drawings.

The drawing - a unique projection image of all objects on the scale with the help of a simple graphic of all the elements (dots, large segments of curves and symbols, etc.). Drawings and always use both qualitative illustration of the text, and salese for the manufacture of various products. Well, usually a simple drawing contains all the explanatory inscriptions and all the modern technical requirements.

The drawing - it is one of the main types of big design documentation. There are even some species unique drawing: design, layout and uniquetechnical drawing.

Species all drawings

GOST 2.102-68 "Types and completeness of the whole design of simple documents" that divides the entire documentation of the design modern a few simple types. Main all kinds of simple drawings:

  1. Drawing unique items;
  2. featuresHedgehog easy assembly;
  3. the drawing is the general form;
  4. the whole assembly drawing;
  5. Sketch;
  6. a unique scheme.

How to draw a diagram?

You can simply perform the entire drawing by hand on a plain white paper or poster paper with a good pencil, a ruler, a simple raysshiny, drawing board or on the computer with the help of all the systems of automatic quality design type compass or AutoCad. In any case, this should always be familiar with all the basic norms and standards ESKD, and be able to project detail on the big plane on the rules it is descriptive geometry.

It is right to draw a drawing is not easy, for this purpose we need to study the whole descriptive geometry, train all spatial vision, to master it all the techniques of contemporary drawing in the most specialized programs, and study rules of ESKD.

Main optionally bestsary to create drawings unique standards:

  1. ESKD all the basic requirements of simple drawings;
  2. ESKD. All formats ;
  3. ESKD. All scales ;
  4. ESKD. All lines ;
  5. ESKD. Application of all sizes and limit its variations .

With a good performance of the devilurchins is very important not only to quickly and correctly represent all types of unique surfaces, but also always endure the accuracy of all sizes of products, it is necessary to put modern symbols and also specify the technical requirements.

Big problems and modern setting of all font AutoCAD

Because it is the presence of all the various versions of AutoCAD often with good transmission of drawings just a problem of the correct text and all dimensions associated with the lack of a unique set of modern version of the font is required.

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