Types of curtains and accessories for curtains


Our ancestors once created a place to live began to bring him comfort. All earlyinalos with skins that remained after hunting mammoths. Also skins served as protection from the eyes of the envious and retain heat in the house.

Human development has brought to the house of their improvement. People come up with more and more new tools, began to appear a variety of materials, such as cloth, little by little mastered sewing.Simple decorations became fashionable, women began to create a regular elementary decor, feeding it by then create a cosiness in the house.

In Egypt, Greece and Rome in the rich palaces and houses the main attributes are the curtains, which betrayed palaces greater beauty and make huge Zali cozy and warm. The fact that the house PtsYan also said the rich and patterns on the curtains, which are often used to create jewelry and gold. People of the East also did not lag behind its neighbors and at the same time inventing new interior elements such as canopies over the bed, upholstery, complex textures actual curtain.

In each of the eras havetheir unique direction that beat fashionable at the time. To date, a person can easily get lost in the diversity that is handed down to us by our ancestors. The main aspect is the right choice in this situation. So among the curtains there are several types.

Types of curtains

  1. Klassicheskie - they are usually straight, reach to the floor. So perfectly with the title of lambrequins, various pick-up, which gives them elegance;
  2. French - these are the curtains, which are collected in the folds, and they look quite solemnly;
  3. Austrian - are lush folds, but they only have the bottom. Sami folds are held by means of rings which are sewn. With rings can be lowered and raised;
  4. Rome - are fairly common type, they are functional and simple;
  5. Japanese - they are created in the form of panels, are free to move along a specially created for them cornice;
  6. Italian - nice to look at doorways and windows is quite large. Because dense tissue they are moved apart. To open the window can bejust grab.

Accessories for curtains

Eyelets - it is non-through rings. They are usually made of plastic or metal. At the same time they are inserted into the normal tissue, then to the ledge to push the fabric.
Kugel - it rings like balls to create a light wavethey put on a loop.
Pelmet - original and quite popular type of accessories. Any curtains in conjunction with it look original. See also how to sew.
Dzhabot - cloth, which is collected in the folds, and then goes down, usually fastened at the top.

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