Shatsky Lakes. Svitiaz - a great place for recreation and fishing


Shatsky Lakes each year attract large numbers of tourists and fishermen due to its unusually beautiful types and a wide variety of living creatures, living both in and outside the reservoirs. The union is composed of several lakes, the largest of which – Lake Svitiaz, width 4, a length of 9 km.

OzEPO Svitiaz

Svitiaz – the second largest lake in Ukraine, therefore affects everyone, at least once a visit. Along it you can find a huge number of tourist complexes – various recreation centers, hotels and camping sites. The depth of the lake ranges up to 58 meters. In places where the depth Swapit bigger, better water warms – and there you will find the main cluster of tourist groups.

Lake Svitiaz is perfect for families and children – recreation abound playgrounds and entertainment for the little ones. For adults as surely will appreciate tours of laid SAReh lakeshores routes. They are the most picturesque places Shatskikh lakes, and their average length is 5 kilometers. Walkers will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the world-famous lake stage.

Lake surrounded by forest – these forests in Western Ukraine, abounding samymi diverse species of flora and fauna. Lovers of mushrooms and berries are well known wealth western forests. Sanctuaries along the Shatsky lakes, permanent four-wheel tour groups, and for good reason – by unusually beautiful views are breathtaking even the most seasoned travelers. During the tour you will surely hear ogreOhm number of legends and stories associated with the lake Svityaz. Only because of the magnitude and glory of this lake Ukrainian folklore has got a separate branch of fairy tales – legends about Shatskikh lakes.

Lake Svitiaz usually teeming fishermen. And the truth - if you want to go fishing, the best place you will not find. It was forRegister for more than 30 species of fish. Basically, there are found species such as pike, carp and perch. Local mascot considered eel – especially rare and valuable species of fish in the lakes Shatsky. His catch is difficult enough, but it is possible, and the most ardent fishermen sooner or later fails. &Nbsp; Acne most often appears in local fishing banuts, so be prepared to hear about the many-fish crawling on the ground and takes away in the field.

Where you can fish

Before fishing it is necessary to find a list of places where you can fish. Of course, you can ignore the rules, but the penalty is inevitable – WAThe role of the coast constantly ply seekers poachers and violators of the law. On Svityaz is boathouse where you can rent a boat for fishing. At a distance of 50 meters from the shore fish bite a little, and legs entangled in the green - so that without boats can not do. If you have forgotten at home anything you need for fishing – do not despairga me! Nearby, in the nearest town Shack is a market with all fishing gear and accessories, where you can also stock up worms – Unfortunately, the sandy soil of lakes does not have enough bait.

Fishermen's worth remembering that over the years the number of fish in Svityaz becomingsmaller and smaller. Poachers ruthless way destroy a huge number of fish each year with the help of prohibited for catching tools – for example, networks 300 meters long. Therefore, it is not necessary to get involved if you do not want the lake Svitiaz not become dead and lifeless.

Shatsky Lakes for many IslandCove consecutive famous for its wealth of flora and fauna species of beauty and deservedly considered one of the ideal places to relax with family or fishing. Do not forget to bring your camera on a journey - Images captured with a memory, will be one of the nicest pages in your photo album.

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