The main causes of breakdowns projectors


service centers, which hold with a fairly complex breakdowns, often spend a lot of time and bought from the manufacturer are quite expensive components. Next, we'll tell whether the game was worth the candle in this case, and what rules you despise the owners of projectors, which ultimately leads to all sorts of breakdowns.

in Order to extend the life of your projector and to avoid the need for the implementation of repairs, should follow some fairly simple rules to care for your projector.



  • Initially, the mandatory need to ensure proper device cooling. Professionals advise to put the projector in a very deep niche and cover it from above. The projector has its own internal cooling system, and the main task of the owner is the prevention of failure in its functioning;
  • Clean your device have with a regular frequency. Pollution is a serious problem that violates the cooling of a projector, which, in turn, can lead to breakage;
  • This device is very bad it is to moisture. That is why the projector in any case it is impossible to put various containers with liquid;
  • in addition, the use of this technique absolutely will not go bright rays of the sun the device is better to put away from the window. Remember: violation of the temperature regime may provoke the overheating of the device;
  • In the vicinity of the device better not to put all sorts of flammable substances. The cooling system of the projector blows out the hot air. In case of any failure of this device it is better to turn to professionals who have experience in the industry and not trying to repair own forces.


the Projector is a rather complicated technique that may require a very serious financial costs on their own repair and maintenance.

Professionals say that most break-ballast her or backlight lamp, which in turn are not repairable, they need only to change.

Also, you may need cooling system repairs, main power supply or replace the faulty lens.

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