Features of IP-cameras


IP- camera virtually no wialerted visually no different from their counterparts, but has a built-in network functionality:

  • web server;
  • network interface (Ethernet, Wi-Fi);
  • the ability to connect to the Internet via LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi.

IP-CCTV cameras do not work as a simple recording device in CCTV - video transmitter is also data with which to see everything that happens in the field of view can be anywhere in the world. Now you do not need to be in the guard room in the same guarded building - internet protocol significantly increasesfreedom and distance. By the way, you can purchase in the online store « Smartsecurity ».

In addition to the network add-IP- cameras have built additional functionality:

  • audio speakers for listening and recording video with sound;
  • handsfree microphone;
  • various sensors   traffic and other special reactive elements;
  • Compatibility with the modem;
  • the opportunity to work with e-mail.

IP- camera through the network is connected to the host computer, onwhich records and transmits digital information. A user with the appropriate permissions can view, record, copy, etc. information remotely (from a PC or mobile phone via the Internet) or locally. WebCam with IP technology can be implemented with different design features (depending on the produceA and device model):

  • without body camera (on the board);
  • Box Camera (in a separate protective housing);
  • Dome Camera (rotating or stationary).

Benefits ІR- cameras videonabladjust it:

  • a wide range of settings;
  • the possibility of organizing a network video surveillance;
  • high resolution;
  • video and audio streams simultaneously.

ІR- cameraprovide absolute control over any object anywhere in the world.

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