A little bit about short haircuts


recently gaining in popularitywomen. Modern hairstyles have many variants, and are suitable for girls and women - the age and type of hair is not a hindrance. Nowadays, there is no information blockade that, in the past, there is no dependence, prejudices and obligations relating to, among other things, hairstyles women. The modern woman is free to choose their image. Variability, novizna - is an effective method to be always desirable and irresistible, to win the hearts and new horizons. Woman the right to choose a hairstyle to suit your taste, mood and short hair is not the last place. And there is a logical explanation:

  • it is extremely practical;
  • no need for long-term care and styling;
  • you can easily modify it every day (ruffles, combed, and so on. N.).

The woman who prefer short hair, almost certainly wants to radically change its style and appearance. The present level of isolatorItijah and a variety of tools, instruments and techniques of cutting, styling and hair care products make it possible to create any most fantastic way. Only need to choose the right hairstyle, suitable to your face:

  • oval shape combined with any, even the most extreme type of hairstyle;
  • round shape causes the leaves more volume on top, in order to visually lengthen the face;
  • elongated shape in harmony with bangs and volume sides;
  • pear-shaped form requires hairstyles such as "bob" with crown volume;
  • peoplehave heart-shaped perfect haircut to the chin and side bangs.

Do not be afraid to experiment, create a compelling image.

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