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Perhaps there is nothing that attracts a woman, as the search for new products in the wardrobe and even more - new shoes. New dress on your slender legs should hit TelegramOn the beholder, to create a compelling image. As a rule, it is associated with high-heeled shoes (high heels), but it is very tiring to keep everyday wear and should therefore seek a more comfortable, but no less sophisticated alternative. The most appropriate and best option comfortable, practical shoes, especially in the summertime, are shoes ballet flats. By the way you can buy fashionable in the branded online store ModGlam. His name these simple shoes are required resemblance to professional ballet dancers shoes. In the classic version, it's flat shoes, having a closed toe and a small flat heels. Making them is credited with a certainat Salvatore Capezio, manufacturers from New York, specializing initially, in the manufacture of dancing ballerinas - Pointe, somewhere at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Time, frankly, quite sensitive for the selection of shoes, because of social foundations and prejudice. That is why, the real boom came to ballet flats by the middle of the last century - the erae of Hollywood cinema. This impetus to the development and dissemination of ballet gave such stars of world cinema and socialites like Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn. Ballerinas - a versatile shoes that blends perfectly with different styles of clothing, due to the combination of different materials: leather ideal for classicalcue suit, sport - for walking, jogging, clothing and free sports cut, with rubber rim - the most comfortable.

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