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Winter is time - it is a serious challenge not only for the average pedestrian, but also first-class carshundred. To drive on dry, clean roads, it is also that walk in pure sidewalk. But worth the snow fall, and, even worse, sleet and frost as predictably roadway turns into a dangerous ice skating rink. Here we have to be extremely careful and predictable all, both pedestrians and motoristsam. The difference between them is that the radius of destruction, in the case of any emergency situation is quite different: if a pedestrian slipped it on the spot and fall without causing inconvenience to others, but if the driver starts to brake sharply on the ice, the behavior car becomes very unpredictable, as well as its further changesescheniya. That is why it is so important to your steel horse shod in these "boots" that will meet the most correct the situation on the road. At the same time, of course, do not forget about the techniques of driving in the winter, because the fool even the best winter tires will not save. One of the best winter sets of rubber, our market isFrench firm GT Radial. It is necessary to look and feel to the family. This studded winter tires premium segment, in which the maximum design takes into account all possible situations on the winter road. Many studies have become a specific tread pattern, as well as the original layout of thorns, which allows for betteradhesion with the road while reducing noise. Tread grooves efficiently expel water, mud, ice particles. A special blend of rubber, silicon, silicon maximizes traction coefficient. This quality tires available in almost all sizes for passenger cars.

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