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Trading, in the literal sense - is the process of exchange or in productsservants. The simplest example of trading on the surface and invariably accompanies each person, almost every day - this is the easiest purchase any product in the store, for example bread. If we analyze this process, it is, in fact, there is an exchange of money a buyer for bread seller - trading. The same thing happens on a more globalm level, for example, the country's economy. The modern economy is market-based, as opposed to the orderly, whom characterized the economies of the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact. Such a comparison is not chosen in vain, because the difference in the operation and regulation of planning and rynkovoy system is fundamentally different. After all, with a planned veDenia economy, everything is subordinated to a single plan, and competition in the market, in fact, regulated by the state. On the contrary, when rynkovoy strategy, each individual market participant chooses a strategy for the development and regulation of the market valuation carried out by the participants themselves. This Statement makrotreyding (we are talking about the scale of the exchange)or trading in the modern sense. By the way you can look at the company's website « Financial Markets Training Online & raquo ;. If you specify more than the very concept and structure of the modern trading is a platform or a market for it, is a market where stocks are traded players (market participants, enterprises). Shares on the stock exchange - it ACTUALEski, the price of the company on the market. Share price depends on the balance "demand - offer", that is, the higher the demand, the higher the price (and vice versa). The stock price is a direct indication of the profitability and stability of a company.

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