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The hostel - this is very popular in the Soviet era,housing for singles or just joined the staff in modern Russia is associated mainly with students. The reasons are quite objective: in the Soviet Union, with its planned economy everything was done in the interests of the state, including the reallocation of workers. Accordingly, the newcomer worker noluchal temporary place of residence in the enterprise and in the future could count on a full apartment at a time. Unfortunately, the current owners of little importance attached to housing problem employees, providing them with at least temporary housing (on permanent and not talking). But even in such circumstances, and total privatization of hostels, they are not lostWhether its relevance, although now fashionable to call them in the Western manner - Hostel. By the way, if you need a hostel in Moscow, then visit:. Moscow - is a huge metropolis, the number of people who are constantly growing, therefore, requires constant expansion of housing - construction of new and new residential, commercial and productivitydstvennyh premises. Perform such work requires trained personnel with the experience and the necessary knowledge and skills. Most often it is people from other (provincial) cities or neighboring countries. Here they can earn much more than the house and use all their experience and knowledge. It is in such circumstances the provision of places inbustroennom hostel (Hostel), will be a great opportunity to solve the problem of accommodating staff (stroybrigad) when the one-time or seasonal work in certain areas of the city.

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