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It's no secret that a foreign language is now very widely used in society. Etc.Imer? The same method to work. Should or should not, and ask you know another language besides native to later, if necessary, to talk on business issues with a foreign citizen. At the expense of the street, the question is quite interesting.

You can help both foreigners and can not help. Although kaI said to a friend of mine, and I quote: « How come French or American, you help him, can unleash it on a box 1517 & raquo ;. And it is also sometimes necessary, but people should help, perhaps they once will help you, too. Also advised foreign languages ??to teach just for their own development. I remember once playing futsal tournament on Vorobus, tI was asked to help the Council of Commanders of Moroccans. They are in Ukrainian little understanding, your author began to speak to them in English.

Of course, many people were surprised by my knowledge of a foreign language, but I know, I know. Not to say that even I have such strong skills, but for myself learned a few lessons. Laborbut to learn a foreign language? As you say, this is who she is given. This should be done even from childhood, at school did not wipe his pants, and even something to remember. There lays the perfect foundation polyglot. The institutes, academies have not already done this, because in the first courses you teach a surfactant, is a kind of introductory course.I remember we were taught French, the alphabet except I do not remember anything. And all because I was taught, learned and forgotten. You can also vosspolzovatsya advantage of new technologies such as the Internet and, in particular - Skype. - Is a convenient and practical method of learning the language. The practice is as in love, and in the work, and to learn a foreign languageand always needed. Here are my speculation here about foreign languages. Therefore, learn, learn and learn again. I will not say who because once said.

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