The history of the disease syphilis

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In our time, a disease such as syphilis already fairly well studied. To identify syphilis. But how such diseases as syphilis, and as spread across the planet, can not still understand the scientists all over the world.

Charles VIII in March 1494 gathered an army, which at the time was not quite small, and declared war on the state of Naples. He moved his regimentenno south. The sailors, who had recently come back from South America (the ship of Christopher Columbus), were in the army. Peaceful people sick with such a terrible disease and, therefore, the troops also had the misfortune to be ill with this disease, because in the latter stages it can be transmitted by airborne droplets. At the beginning of its existence, this disease called&Laquo; & raquo ;, Gallic so nicknamed her historian Pietro Bembo, in consequence of the fact that the city was captured by aliens.

The characteristic can be called such attempts to ascribe terrible disease foreigners, because then the situation allows. This can also be seen in how the disease is called, which began to appearat the time. Accordingly syphilis simply called « Gallic disease & raquo ;. And France has given the name of Neapolitan disease syphilis. Greeks generally believed that the disease Syrian, but the Germans thought that it was the French brought the disease into their territory.

It was quite difficult to determine where their originslo appearance of this disease. But in fact is not so important where this disease. Of great importance is the fact that it should be treated immediately. The first signs can be quite small, and does not even appear in some people in the early stages. It is important to diagnose early, so you do not lose life due to deferred treatmentI have a competent specialist.

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